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Energy saving method of BLDCM

2020-03-19 15:12:37

Energy saving method of BLDCM

DC BLDCM is a kind of mechanical and electrical integration equipment composed of motor and driver. Now, no matter what equipment requires skills, the average energy saving rate of DC BLDCM after energy-saving transformation is more than 50%, which can reach 91.7% when it is high. Moreover, after transformation, the accuracy of mechanical equipment is improved, and the noise, noise and temperature generated in the process of machine operation are reduced The service life of BLDCM is also improved.

1、 The energy-saving transformation technology of DC BLDCM is to replace the traditional DC BLDCM with stepping servo motor. The DC BLDCM adopts a closed-loop system, which has the function of servo motor and integrates the DC BLDCM and motor driver, which fundamentally changes the original shortcomings of the DC BLDCM and reduces the installation space cost compared with the servo motor It reduces a lot. Because of the advanced technology used in the transformation process, the power consumption is also less than the previous traditional motor.

2、 Different mechanical equipment manufacturers are looking for more efficient and energy-saving methods. Although the previous transformation methods can save energy to a certain extent, they have other disadvantages. The energy-saving transformation of DC brushless motor brings new power to the manufacturers of industrial control automation industry.

The above is the energy-saving mode of the DC brushless motor. When you use the equipment, you should pay more attention to the energy-saving mode. If you want to know more about the DC brushless motor, you can continue to pay attention to the blue nine.



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