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Selection of DC motor

2019-10-16 09:19:09

Selection principle of permanent magnet DC motor:

(1) Type selection

The ferrite permanent magnet DC motor with high efficiency, low price and low temperature rise should be preferred. Aluminum nickel cobalt permanent magnet DC motor or rare earth permanent magnet DC motor should be considered only when the performance requirements are strict, the volume is small and the ambient temperature is high.

(2) Reasonable selection of motor power

There is a limit to the max power output of the motor. If the power selection of the motor is too small, the motor overload will occur when the load exceeds the rated output power of the motor. When the motor is overloaded, there will be motor heating, vibration, speed drop, abnormal sound and other phenomena. When the motor is seriously overloaded, it will burn down. And too much power will cause economic waste. Therefore, it is very important to choose the motor power reasonably.

(3) Specification selection

It is often difficult to select products due to the lack of actual product specifications. When selecting product specifications, consider: when the power supply voltage is adjustable, the specifications with torque and speed close to the corresponding rated value of the product can be selected according to the actual needs, and the required speed can be obtained by changing the voltage; when the power supply voltage is fixed, if there is no product with appropriate specifications available, the appropriate specifications can be selected according to the torque first, and the voltage and speed of the product can be Make appropriate adjustments.

Permanent magnet DC motor can be divided into permanent magnet brushless DC motor and permanent magnet brush DC motor according to whether there is brush or not. Permanent magnet DC motor is a kind of DC motor which uses permanent magnet to establish magnetic field. Permanent magnet DC motor is widely used in all kinds of portable electronic equipment or appliances, such as tape recorder, VCD machine, record player, electric massager and all kinds of toys. It is also widely used in automobile, motorcycle, hand dryer, electric bicycle, battery car, ship, aviation, machinery and other industries. It is also widely used in some high-end products, such as video recorder, copier and camera Machine, mobile phone, precision machine tool, bank counting machine, bundling machine, etc.



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