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Characteristics of BLDCM

2020-03-19 13:51:03

Now, BLDCM is widely used in our daily life, ranging from household appliances, auto parts, medical devices, commercial equipment and many other industries, to a few cents of toy cars, small accessories and so on. Now, blue nine editor will give you a brief introduction

1. Good external characteristics, able to output large torque at low speed, so that it can provide large starting torque;

2. It has high efficiency and strong overload ability, which makes it perform well in the driving system;

3. Wide speed range, full power operation at any speed;

4. Small volume and high power density;

5. The regenerative braking effect is good, because its rotor is made of permanent magnet material, the motor can enter the generator state when braking;

6. There is no mechanical commutator, and the totally enclosed structure is adopted, which can prevent dust from entering the motor, with high reliability;

7. It is simpler than the drive control of asynchronous motor.

Sometimes, there is a certain relationship between the driving circuit of the DC BLDCM and its use power. In the process of using the motor, we need to pay attention to the control of the circuit, and help the user use the motor correctly through the understanding of the circuit.



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