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Market situation of energy-saving DC BLDCM

2019-10-16 09:20:24

In recent years, small and medium-sized DC motor industry private enterprises have developed rapidly, which has played an important role in the development of the industry. According to the micro DC motor factory store, there are about 300 small and medium-sized DC motor manufacturers with a certain scale. At present, DC motor is widely used in industry. Because of its simple operation and high efficiency, DC motor has become a kind of equipment commonly used by some enterprises and factories.

Although BLDCM is a big energy consumer in our country, the industry is still not paying much attention to its energy-saving benefits. The DC decelerating motor (vibrating motor) is widely used to drive mechanical transmission devices such as fans, pumps, air compressors, refrigerators, lathes, mills and other kinds of electrical equipment. It is a large amount of terminal power consumption.

BLDCM can not only overcome some shortcomings of traditional household motors, but also bring higher comfort to people's home life, reduce energy consumption, and better realize energy sustainability. BLDCM has been widely used in computer cooling fan, digital camera, copier, fax machine, shredder, recorder and LD DVD player.

As the power source of all kinds of mechanical equipment of small and medium-sized motors, the high-efficiency and energy-saving of micro DC decelerator has accounted for about 70% of the national power generation. Therefore, the development of China's high-efficiency micro reduction motor and promotion of energy-saving products are important measures to respond to national energy-saving policies and achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction.


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