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Development history of DC motor driver

2019-10-16 09:20:24

DC motor driver manufacturer: development history of DC motor driver

About DC motor driver, has introduced a lot before, today for you to introduce the development history of DC motor driver, don't miss it!

In DC electric drive system, special controllable DC power supply is needed. There are several kinds of controllable DC power supply in common use: first, the original DC speed regulation system uses constant DC voltage to supply power to DC motor armature, and realizes speed regulation by changing the resistance in armature circuit. This method is simple, easy to manufacture and cheap. However, the disadvantages are low efficiency, soft mechanical characteristics, not smooth speed regulation in a wide range, so it is rarely used at present. Second, in the late 1930s, there was a generator motor (also known as a rotating converter group). With the use of magnetic amplifiers, motor expanders, thyristors and other control devices, excellent speed regulation performance can be achieved, such as a wide range of speed regulation (10-10-10-1), small speed change rate and smooth speed regulation, etc., especially when the motor slows down, power generation can be achieved It is very easy for the engine to feed back the flywheel inertia on the motor shaft to the power grid. In this way, on the one hand, the smooth braking characteristics can be obtained, on the other hand, the energy loss can be reduced, and the efficiency can be improved. However, the main disadvantage of the speed control system of generator and motor is that it needs to add two rotating motors and some auxiliary excitation equipment which are equivalent to the speed control motor, so the volume maintenance is difficult. Thirdly, since the emergence of mercury arc converter, mercury arc converter is used to replace the above generator and motor system, so that the speed regulation performance index is further improved. In particular, its fast response is incomparable to generator and motor system. However, mercury arc converter still has some shortcomings: maintenance is not convenient, especially mercury vapor will cause certain harm to maintenance personnel. Fourth, in 1957, the first thyristor appeared in the world. Compared with other converter components, the thyristor has many unique advantages, so the thyristor DC speed control system immediately shows strong vitality. Because it has a series of advantages such as small volume, fast response, reliable operation, long service life and simple maintenance, the use of thyristor power supply not only improves the economic index and reliability of DC speed control system, but also shows great advantages in technical performance. The amplification ratio of the thyristor converter is more than 10000, 1000 times higher than the unit (amplification ratio 10), and 10 times higher than the mercury arc converter (1000); in terms of response speed, the unit is second level, while the thyristor converter is millisecond level. Since the middle and late 1980s, the thyristor rectifier has replaced the former DC generator motor set and mercury rectifier, which makes the DC electric drive complete a great leap forward. At the same time, the control circuit has realized high integration, miniaturization, high reliability and low cost. With the application of the above technology, the performance index of DC speed regulation system is greatly improved, the application scope is continuously expanded, and the DC speed regulation technology is continuously developed.

With the emergence of microcomputers, VLSI, new electronic power switch devices and sensors, as well as the in-depth development of automatic control theory, power electronics technology and computer control technology, the electric drive device is developing forward. The application of microcomputer makes the electric drive control system tend to be digital and intelligent, which greatly promotes the development of electric drive. In recent years, some advanced countries have successively introduced and widely used a variety of DC electric drive devices with microcomputer as the control core, such as simoregk6ra24 of Siemens company, pad / PSD of ABB company, etc.


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