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220v750w reversible driver

220v750w reversible driver

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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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DC motor driver

MMT-115/230RT10AL Product introduction product overview:

Mmt-115 / 230 DC motor governor is a full wave positive feedback DC motor driver, which can control the motor in two-way mode. Lifting arch four quadrant operation, so as to achieve forward and reverse torque in two speed directions; mainly applicable to products such as stacker welding machine, quenching equipment, automatic welding machine, etc.


Product features:

◇ suitable for permanent magnet motor and parallel excitation DC motor

◇ large torque at low speed starting state

◇ wide speed regulation rang

◇ it has a relatively hard mechanical property with a static error rate of 1%

◇ fast dynamic response process (adjustable) with automatic smooth transition during acceleration and deceleration

◇ positive and reverse soft start / soft stop time setting function (adjustable)

◇ enable locking control function

◇ forward rotation and reverse rotation are optional

◇ double closed-loop PI regulation (current and voltage), closed-loop feedback optional

Speed control mode and torque control mode can be selected

◇ inertia sliding stop and braking stop are optional

◇ input and output voltage can be selected for current setting and current limiting protection. (when the set current value is exceeded, the controller will automatically limit the output)

Main technical parameters:

◇ AC input voltage--------------------------------115V/230V VAC±10%

◇AC frequency--------------------------------------------------50/60 Hz

◇Armature voltage range of 115VAC line------------------0- ±9 0 VDC

◇Armature voltage range of 230VAC line --------0- ±9 0 /0-±180 VDC

◇Excitation voltage at 115VAC line--------------------------100/50 VDC

◇Excitation voltage at 230VAC line-------------------------200/100 VDC

◇Rated bearing capacity (2 minutes)--------------------------------150%

◇Indoor temperature operating range-----------------------------0-50℃

◇Speed range open loop (ratio)-------------------------------------50:1

◇Speed range closed loop (ratio)-----------------------------------80:1

◇Armature feedback load regulation (basic speed)------------------±1%

◇Closed loop feedback load adjustment (rated speed)--------------±1%

◇AC line adjustment (basic speed)----------------------------------±0.5%

◇Current range------------------------------------1.7-2.5-5.0-7.5-10 A DC

◇FACC and rACC ranges------------------------------------------0.1- 15 S

◇Deadband range (basic speed)------------------------------------0 -±5%

◇Rated speed adjustment potentiometer range (basic speed)----------55- 110%

◇IR compensation range at 115VAC line (VDC @ full load)-------------------0-20

◇IR compensation range at 230VAC line (VDC @ full load)-------------------0-40

◇Forward Cl (FCL) and reverse Cl (RCL) ranges (range setting)------------0-150%

◇Voltage variation range with input signal----------------------0-±10/0±15 VDC

◇Voltage varies with linearity (basic speed)---------------------------------±0.5%

◇Humidity: relative humidity ≤ 80rh (no condensation)

Installation dimension drawing of DC motor governor:



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