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Analysis of common problems of MMT DC motor driver

2019-10-16 09:19:09

DC motor driver FAQ:

Symptom: open fuse


1. Whether the fuse specification is appropriate.

2. Whether the output is short circuited.

3. Whether the motor and driver match.


1. Select the appropriate fuse according to the motor power.

2. Check the connection between the driver and the motor.

3. Select the appropriate driver.

Symptom: motor does not operate


1. The given signal is 0V.

2. The inhibit enable terminal is disconnected.

3. Whether the current output is limited.

4. Whether the connection is correct.


1. Adjust the speed potentiometer.

2. Closing enabling terminal: inhibit

3. Make sure that the motor is not locked, adjust the setting of torque potentiometer.

4. Check the connection between the driver and the motor, (0ut + - terminal: connected to the armature of the motor).

Symptom: the speed potentiometer is set to the minimum. The motor cannot stop.

Cause: J3 pin setting

Solution: set J3 pin to 2

Symptom: motor speed is too fast


Max SPD and min SPD are set too high.


Adjust the max SPD and min SPD settings.

Symptom: the motor fails to reach the required speed


1. Max SPD setting is too small.

2. IR comp setting is too small.

3. Torque setting is too small.

4. The motor is locked.


1. Increase Max SPD setting.

2. Add IR comp setting.

3. Add torque setting.

4. Check the load of the motor (adjust the motor specification if necessary).

Fault phenomenon: oscillation after motor loading


1. IR comp setting is too high.

2. Lack of current limit.


1. Carefully adjust the setting of IR comp until the motor speed is stable.

2. Adjust the torque setting when it is necessary to make sure that the motor matches the driver.

Symptom: the speed increases after the motor is loaded

Cause: IR comp set too high

Solution: reduce the setting of IR comp

Symptom: the speed of motor decreases after loading

Cause: IR comp setting is too small

Solution: add IR comp setting


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