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300W economy DC brush driver

300W economy DC brush driver

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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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DC motor driver

DC12/48RT50BL-XW Product introduction

RT series governor is low-voltage DC four quadrant regeneration pulse width speed regulation, adopts special single-chip microcomputer intelligent control, fast response, stable operation, reliable operation, complete protection functions, etc. Low noise, high efficiency, low maintenance, better service life of DC motor, four quadrant regenerative operation mode, regenerative braking, There is no need for external reversing contactor, which will not cause overheating or burnout of motor parts or components. When the temperature is too high, the governor will reduce its output current through the temperature judgment circuit to prevent overheating protection. If the temperature is still too high, the governor will stop output to better protect the safety of the motor and governor


1、 Product features:

◆ small size.

◆ wide voltage input.

◆ multiple control modes: potentiometer, analog control, pulse width control.

◆ independent forward and reverse control.

◆ independent forward limit & reverse limit.

◆ brake control function.

◆ rated current limit.

◆ over current, over temperature, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit and other abnormal conditions start protection function.

◆ led fault alarm status indication, fault alarm output.

2、 Performance index:

1. Power supply voltage: 10-55vdc.

2. Standby current: 15mA.

3. Continuous working power: 40a, high instantaneous current: 100a-5s.

4. Working frequency: 2KHz.

5. Out + 5VDC power supply (can supply power to potentiometer): 5V DC 20mA.

6. Analog input range: 0-5vdc.

7. Soft start time: 0-5s.

8. Soft stop time: 0-5s.

9. Pulse input frequency: 250Hz.

10. Duty cycle input range 20% -- 100%.

11. Digital output interface: rated load capacity is 50V 1a.

12. Temperature protection status: stop output at 80 ℃.

13. Working environment temperature: - 40 ℃ - + 60 ℃.

14. Environmental humidity: relative humidity ≤ 80rh.

15. Boundary dimension: L * w * H = 123mm * 85mm * 42mm

16. Weight: 300g


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