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What are the factors that affect the service life of BLDCM?

2020-03-19 13:49:56

What are the factors that affect the service life of BLDCM? Blue nine editor for you to sort out a simple, welcome to add.

The service life of the BLDCM is related to the normal use and the quality of the motor itself. These three factors all affect the service life of the motor in different degrees. We hope to avoid some adverse factors as much as possible in the use process.

1、 Own factors

1. Bearing life of DC brushless motor: once the bearing is damaged, replace the bearing.

2. Demagnetization of magnetic steel.

3. Coil problem. It is required that the temperature of the coil shall not be too high, and good heat dissipation shall be ensured, so as to extend its service life. Bearings and coils are important to the life of the BLDCM.


2、 Environmental factors: DC brushless motor shall be used in a ventilated, dry and non corrosive environment, with normal air temperature and pressure. If there are corrosive gases and high humidity in the harsh environment, it is easy to damage the electrical and mechanical properties of the motor due to environmental factors. Therefore, corresponding motor protection measures should be taken according to the environmental conditions.

3、 Due to the different technical level of the personnel operating the BLDCM, unexpected errors may occur when operating the motor, such as stopping immediately after starting. Overload start; fault start will cause damage to the brushless motor, thus affecting its service life. If the user knows nothing about the motor, it is recommended to use a familiar motor or use it under the guidance of the motor manufacturer.

Looking at the above three factors, we are choosing the DC brushless motor so that we should start from our own needs and do not buy the poor quality one at a low price; we should be familiar with the operation procedures when using it, and ask in time if we don't understand it and don't make decisions without authorization.


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