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Explanation of DC motor principle

2019-10-16 09:20:24

On the principle of DC motor

Have you heard about the principle of DC motor? Let's take a look at the following article. Maybe if you delay a little, you will get more.

In order to make the DC motor rotate, the control unit must first determine the order of opening (or closing) the power transistors in the converter according to the current position of the rotor of the induction motor, and then determine the order of opening (or closing) the power transistors in the converter according to the stator winding. The upper arm power transistors and the lower arm power transistors make the current flow through the motor coil in order to generate a clockwise (or reverse) rotating magnetic field, and interact with the magnets of the rotor Function, so that the motor can rotate in time / reverse. When the motor rotor turns to the position where another group of signals are sensed, the control unit will turn on the next group of power transistors again, so that the circulating motor can continue to turn in the same direction until the control unit decides to turn off the power transistors (or only turn on the lower arm power transistors) if the motor rotor is stopped; if the motor rotor is reversed, the power transistors will turn on in the opposite order.

When the motor rotates, the control unit will compare (or calculate by software) the command composed of the speed set by the driver and the acceleration / deceleration rate with the speed of signal change to determine the next set of conduction time. If the speed is not enough, it will be longer, if the speed is too high, it will be shorter. This part of work will be done by PWM.

High speed speed control must consider whether the system's clock resolution is enough to grasp the time of processing software instructions. In addition, the data access mode of signal change also affects the processor efficiency of DC motor and the correctness and real-time of judgment.


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