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Application market of motor driver

2020-03-19 15:04:35

Application market of motor driver

As a large manufacturing country, China has a huge demand for motor, and the adoption of DC BLDCM is being promoted by many industries, which also makes many domestic and foreign semiconductor manufacturers see opportunities.

Since 2010, the revenue of BLDCM industry has increased year by year, reaching RMB 18.92 billion in 2016, a year-on-year increase of 22.3%. The market prospect of BLDCM in China is quite optimistic, and the market scale will be further expanded.

Compared with AC asynchronous motor, DC BLDCM has higher efficiency, larger torque, smaller torque ripple and longer service life. High efficiency is an important index of the DC brushless motor. Compared with the traditional motor, the efficiency of the DC brushless motor can reach more than 80%, and the carbon brush of the brush motor needs to be maintained.

The miniaturization, integration and drive integration of low-voltage DC BLDCM will be the market trend in the future, especially in some industries with high requirements for production efficiency, the application of small BLDCM instead of stepping motor and brush motor will also be a big trend.

Although the price of BLDCM is higher than that of BLDCM at present, its advantages are obvious, such as high efficiency and long service life. The pattern that the motor market is dominated by the wide use of AC motor and BLDCM is being broken by the entry of BLDCM.



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