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220v3000w with 485 communication brushless driver

220v3000w with 485 communication brushless driver

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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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High voltage brushless driver

LKHPBL3000 Product introduction

1. Overview:

General purpose BLDCM driver is a high-power driver independently developed by lanjiu company to cooperate with the field of modern industrial automatic control. It is mainly composed of International Motor special digital processor DSP as the core and high-speed digital logic chip high-quality power module. It has a series of advantages such as high integration, small size, perfect protection, simple and clear wiring, high reliability and so on. The driver can provide: operation panel speed setting, external analog voltage speed regulation, external potentiometer speed regulation, pulse width speed regulation and other functions. It adopts high-speed core control component control, which has the characteristics of safe operation (full isolation of control component and power component), flexible and diverse speed regulation mode, real-time display of speed, complete protection function, hardware protection of power component, etc.

2. Product features:

1. system characteristics:

Input power 110 / 220VAC 50 / 60Hz

Continuous output current: 15.0a, suitable for brush less than 3000W

Max output current: 30.0a, protection current point can be set through the panel

Operating temperature 0 ~ + 45 ° C

Storage temperature - 20 ~ + 85 ° C

Use and storage humidity < 85% [no frost conditions]

Structural wall mounted box type

2. Basic characteristics

Cooling mode: radiator mode

Control signal input and output signal: fully isolated

Protection function: over current, over temperature, over speed, over voltage and under voltage control power supply is abnormal

Panel interface: 6-digit LED display 4-digit key operation

3. Installation precautions

*It is forbidden to open the shell for measurement or touch any device and connector on the bottom plate during operation.

*Check the bottom plate or replace the fuse tube 1 minute after power failure.

*During operation, it is forbidden to operate the drive without enclosure.

*The driver and motor of the brush less motor shall be well and reliably grounded, otherwise the speed of the motor may be unstable.

*If the drive is accidentally damaged during operation, the company is only responsible for the maintenance and replacement of the drive within the scope of warranty. The company will not be liable for motor out of control or personal injury and property loss caused by accidental damage to the drive.


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