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220v350w with 485 communication brushless driver

220v350w with 485 communication brushless driver

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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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DC brushless driver

LKDBLS-06-S Product introduction

1. Overview:

Lkdbls-06-s brushless motor driver is a high-power driver independently developed by lanjiu company to cooperate with the field of modern industrial automatic control. It is mainly composed of foreign high-performance special-purpose brushless DC motor driver chip, which has a series of advantages such as high integration, small size, perfect protection, simple and clear wiring, high reliability, etc. The driver is suitable for driving small and medium-sized BLDCM with rated power below 350W. The driver adopts a new PWM technology, which makes the BLDCM run at a high speed, with small vibration, low noise, good stability and high reliability. Support Modbus communication protocol and RS485 interface.

2. Product features:

1. system characteristics:

Input power 110 / 220VAC 50 / 60Hz

Continuous output current: 2A, suitable for BLDCM under 350W

Max output current: 3A

Operating temperature 0 ~ + 45 ° C

Storage temperature - 20 ~ + 85 ° C

Use and storage humidity < 85% [no frost conditions]

Structural wall mounted box type

2. Basic characteristics

Cooling mode: radiator mode

Control signal input and output signal: fully isolated

Protection function: over current, over temperature, over speed, over voltage and under voltage control power supply is abnormal

III. installation dimension: 166 * 51 * 102mm

4. Means of communication:

The communication mode adopts standard Modbus protocol, which conforms to the national standard GB / T 19582.1-2008. Two 3-core Phoenix terminals with a distance of 3.81mm are used for the physical interface. The serial connection is very convenient. Transmission mode RTU, validation mode CRC, CRC start word ffffh. Data mode 8-bit asynchronous serial, 2-stop bit, invalid check bit, supporting multiple communication rates (see parameter table for details).

Note: if it is necessary to control the motor in communication mode, it must be carried out in internal speed regulation mode.


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