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24v150w with 485 communication brushless driver

24v150w with 485 communication brushless driver

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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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DC brushless driver

LKDBLS-01-S Product introduction

I. overview

This series of control driver is a closed-loop speed controller, which adopts a new type of IGBT and MOS power device, uses the hall signal of DC BLDCM to conduct closed-loop speed control after frequency doubling, and the control link is equipped with PID speed regulator, so the system control is stable and reliable, especially the rated torque can always be achieved at low speed, and the speed control range is 150-20000 rpm.

Two, characteristics

1. PID speed and current double loop regulator

2. Compatible with and without hall, parameter setting, senseless mode is only suitable for special occasions (starting load is relatively gentle)

3. High performance and low price

4. 20kHz chopping frequency

5. Electric brake function makes the motor respond quickly

6. The overload multiple is greater than 2, and the torque can always reach the rated value at low speed

7. With over-voltage, under voltage, over-current, over temperature, Hall signal illegal and other fault alarm functions

8. Support Modbus communication protocol, RS485 interface

3、 Electrical indicators

Recommended standard input voltage: 24VDC ~ 48VDC, undervoltage protection point 9VDC, overvoltage protection point 60VDC.

Max continuous input overload protection current: 15a, factory default setting is 10A.

Acceleration time constant factory value: 1 second other customizable

Safety precautions

This product belongs to professional electrical equipment, which should be installed, debugged, operated and maintained by professional technicians. Improper use will lead to electric shock, fire, explosion and other hazards.

This product is powered by DC power supply. Please make sure the positive and negative poles of the power supply are correct before power on

Do not plug and unplug the connecting cable with power on, and do not short the cable during power on, otherwise the product will be damaged

If the direction of the motor needs to be changed during operation, it must slow down first to stop the motor and then change direction

The driver is not sealed. Do not mix conductive or combustible foreign matters such as screws, metal chips, etc. inside. Pay attention to moisture-proof and dust-proof during storage and use

The driver is a power device, which tries to maintain the heat dissipation and ventilation of the working environment

Warranty restrictions

The warranty of the product is limited to the device and process of the product (i.e. consistency).

Blue nine company does not guarantee that its products can be suitable for the specific use of customers, because the suitability is also related to the technical index requirements, use conditions and environment of the use.

4、 Communication mode:

The communication mode adopts standard Modbus protocol, which conforms to the national standard GB / T 19582.1-2008. Using RS485 two-wire serial link communication, the physical interface uses conventional 3-pin connection port (a +, GND, B -), serial connection is very convenient.

For example, the driver control adopts the communication mode, directly connects the upper computer through RS485, and controls through RS485 communication command. Transmission mode RTU, validation mode CRC, CRC start word ffffh. Data mode 8-bit asynchronous serial, 1 stop bit, invalid check bit, fixed communication rate is 9600bps. Please contact the sales engineer for specific communication instructions and sample routines.


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