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48V500W brushless driver

48V500W brushless driver

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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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DC brushless motor driver

Lk-bl4815f operation manual v3.2

main features

◆ high torque, high speed output, speed up to 10000rpm / min (depending on the motor speed);

◆ with pulse speed output, you can observe the motor speed at any time;

◆ speed regulation mode: 0-5V analog quantity and 10 hz-300hz PWM speed regulation, convenient for users;

◆ start stop enable control signal and direction signal input;

◆ overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, locked rotor protection and other functions.

Product overview

Lk-bl1210f DC brushless motor driver is a new product of our company. This product uses large-scale integrated circuit to replace the original hardware design, with higher anti-interference and fast response performance. This product is suitable for driving any three-phase DC brushless motor with Hall sensor or without Hall sensor under 15A peak current and dc24v-48v power supply voltage (panel nominal dc24v-48v). The products are used in a series of electric automation control fields such as knitting equipment, medical equipment, food packaging machinery, electric tools, etc.

Function overview

The standard factory default setting is square wave with or without Hall open-loop mode. Different programs can be written according to different customers' needs to realize square wave with Hall speed closed-loop control, square wave without Hall speed closed-loop control and other control modes.

Common problem

1. How to use the driver for the first time?

After connecting the power line, motor line and hall line correctly, the external potentiometer will accelerate slowly. After the motor rotates correctly, the functions such as enable and direction will be tested in turn. If you are not familiar with this product, you should test it for the first time, and then install it to the actual situation.

2. What's the effect of the reverse connection of the power supply?

The drive will burn down immediately.

3. What is the max voltage of the upper control signal?

The max voltage of speed regulating signal is 5V, exceeding this voltage will cause the driver to burn out.

4. The shell of the driver is relatively hot after working for a long time, is it normal?

Normally, at normal temperature, the performance will not be affected if the working shell reaches 90 degrees for a long time.

5. The power indicator light is on, but the motor doesn't rotate and shakes. What's the reason?

It may be that there is a mistake between the phase line and hall line. Please connect the wires correctly according to the motor instructions and then power on again for test.

6. With this driver, can I adjust my motor speed to 6000?

The speed of the motor is determined by the parameters of the motor itself. The driver can control the speed of the motor from 0 to the rated speed.

7. I already have a motor in my hand. How to connect it after buying this driver?

The phase line and hall line of the motor on hand must be defined before wiring. If not, ask the motor manufacturer. Improper wiring can cause damage to the drive.

8. Would you like to add some features to this drive or do new product development?

Yes, please contact our company.


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