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24v300w with 485 communication brushless driver

24v300w with 485 communication brushless driver

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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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DC brushless driver

LKDBLS-02 Product introduction

I. overview

The control driver is a closed-loop speed controller, which adopts a new type of IGBT and MOS power device. The closed-loop speed control is carried out after frequency doubling by using the hall signal of the DC brushless motor. The control link is equipped with PID speed regulator. The system control is stable and reliable, especially when the rated torque is always reached at low speed, and the speed control range is 150-10000rpm.

Two, characteristics

1. PID speed and current double loop regulator

2. High performance and low price

3. 20kHz chopping frequency

4. Electric brake function makes the motor respond quickly

5. The overload multiple is greater than 2, and the torque can always reach the rated value at low speed

6. With over-voltage, under voltage, over-current, over temperature, Hall signal illegal and other fault alarm functions

7. With and without Hall compatible, automatic identification, no Hall sensing mode is only applicable to special occasions (starting load is relatively constant, starting is not very frequent, such as fans, pumps, polishing and other equipment,)

3、 Electrical indicators

Standard input voltage: 24VDC ~ 48VDC (10 ~ 60VDC)

Continuous output max current: 15A

Acceleration time constant factory value: 0.2S

Motor locked rotor protection time 3 seconds, others can be customized


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