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How to detect the quality of BLDCM?

2020-03-19 14:02:50

How to detect the quality of BLDCM?

LAN Jiu reminds you that before testing the brushless DC motor, prepare the multimeter, check whether the multimeter is available, and then adjust it to the appropriate gear.

Step 1: use a multimeter to measure whether the three phases of UV, UW and VW are all connected. If there is DC resistance path reaction, there is no disconnection;

Step 2: connect the UV, UW and VW to the oscilloscope respectively, and turn the BLDCM by hand to see if there is any output waveform similar to sine;

Step 3: if there is Hall motor, supply 5V DC to hall, rotate the BLDCM by hand to see if the output waveform of hall is correct;

If there is no oscilloscope and 5V DC power supply, you can directly use the multimeter voltage range and connect it to both ends of the lead of the DC brushless motor, and rotate the DC brushless motor. Because the rotation of the brushless DC motor will generate induced voltage, the multimeter will have voltage indication.

If there is no problem in the above test steps, it means that the electrical performance of BLDCM is no problem. About the BLDCM, the first brief introduction to the small editor here, welcome to inquire!!!



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