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Which is the best choice for micro reduction motor?

2020-03-19 14:44:50

In essence, the micro reduction motor is a DC electric motor, which rotates at the speed after being electrified Usually it is very high, at least several hundred rpm, and the higher point can reach tens of thousands of RPM. In this case, the torque of the motor is very small, and it can't drive heavy things. But because the DC motor has the characteristics of low speed and large torque, it can't be replaced by the AC motor. In this way, we can adjust the speed of the DC motor through the reducer, or through the electronic governor To achieve the purpose of stepless deceleration.


Micro reduction motor: with high precision It can completely replace the same type of high-quality imported products because of its wide deceleration range, high power index, convenient use and reliable operation. It is widely used in all kinds of small light industrial machinery, packaging, food, textile, makeup (beauty) machinery, printing equipment, instruments and various automation equipment, health On the runoff line. It adopts high-precision gear, oil seal, O-ring sealed gear box and lubricating grease bath. It has the characteristics of low noise, long service life, small size and high power. The deceleration range is wide, and the deceleration ratio is 1:31:1500, which can be made separately according to the special requirements of the user for the rotation speed. The matched micro motor is divided into: Micro AC motor (single-phase: 220V, 110V; three-phase: 220V, 380V).

The BLDCM researched and developed by lanjiu has the technical advantages of high power, low power consumption, ultra-low noise, ultra long life and super excellent. It has the technical features of double steering, stepless frequency conversion and speed regulation, position signal output, electronic brake, high current protection, temperature protection, etc., and has the huge advantages of low cost and easy to use. Choose the blue nine for micro reduction motor!!!


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