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How to improve the efficiency of BLDCM?

2020-03-19 13:45:39

How to improve the working efficiency of DC BLDCM?

The BLDCM has the function of reversing and generating DC, which is basically consistent with many kinds of equipment. Users hope that its working efficiency can be improved, which is conducive to the improvement of production efficiency. How to improve the working efficiency of the motor? Next blue nine small make-up to you a brief introduction.

1. Reduce the copper loss and iron loss, increase the size of the DC BLDCM, and increase the wire diameter or the number of parallel winding when the voltage and load are constant. The iron loss can be reduced by changing the material or improving the processing accuracy.

2. If it is a brush motor, change the copper commutator to a carbon commutator.

3. It controls the on loss of the main control element and the resistance loss of the coil, as well as the friction loss between the shaft and the bearing.

4. If it is a brush less motor, start from the rotor, i.e. use permanent magnet materials with higher performance.

5. Adjust the over leading angle of the phase in the control circuit of the DC BLDCM, so that the phase of the zero crossing of the back EMF and the phase of the phase current passing through the zero point are close to the same as possible.

6. When adjusting the control circuit, the ideal state is the phase coincidence of the zero crossing point of the back EMF and the zero crossing point of the phase current. At this time, the three-phase torque of the motor is a constant torque in theory, with the minimum torque ripple and the improvement of the motor efficiency.

In order to improve the working efficiency of DC BLDCM, we should learn to properly adjust the motor, reduce energy consumption, and let it be used in a clean and dust-free environment, so for it, the efficiency will soon improve.



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