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High quality manufacturer of DC motor

2019-10-16 09:19:09

The company has always been focusing on the brush DC motor, 24v48v DC brushless motor, low-voltage brushless servo motor, AC servo motor package, DC brushless drive, DC governor, 220V DC motor controller, 24V DC motor driver, DC servo motor two-way controller, DC planetary reducer, low-voltage high torque DC motor, turbo worm reducer, DC Production, R & D and sales of BLDCM and provide thoughtful technical support.

According to the input voltage, our DC brushless motor is divided into: 24V, 48V, 310V, rated power from large to small: 3kw 1500W 1kW 750W 550W 400W 300W 180W 150W 90W 60W 30W, according to the installation size of DC brushless motor, it is divided into: 42bl 57bl 60bl 80bl 90bl 110bl 130bl, rated speed is 0 ~ 1500rpm 0 ~ 3000rpm, and other parameters support customization.

The power of DC permanent magnet motor can be supplied from 30W to 5kW, 12V, 24v48v90v110v220v, 1500rpm3000rpm, etc. planetary gear reducer, worm reducer and square box reducer can be added. The overall dimension is 55zyt 70zyt 90zyt 110zyt 130zyt, which is well used in positioner, cutter packaging machine, steamed bread machine and other equipment. Our matching DC governor is more complete and stable in performance. Our DC motor speed regulation adopts original brand-new components, and the power components adopt original import.

Our products in Shandong bread machine, Guangdong printing equipment, Jiangsu welding equipment, Hubei mask machine, Shandong sweeper, Hebei automation equipment, Shanghai printing equipment, Dezhou baozi machine and other industries and regions have established friendly cooperation manufacturers.



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