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Heavy duty agv3kw driver

Heavy duty agv3kw driver

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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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Low voltage high power servo driver

3KW servo driver

Kydas48150-1e servo controller is used for DC 24V and DC 48V battery powered applications, with speed mode, torque mode, four quadrant working mode, regenerative braking working mode, to meet customers' requirements for different control modes of can, RS232, PWN, GLK, 0-5V, unit. There are over-current, overheating, over-voltage, under voltage, short circuit and other abnormal automatic protection functions. While protecting the motor, the controller itself is protected. It is applicable to the control of walking motor of crawler robot, welcome service robot, medical robot, AGV intelligent handling robot, track and trackless electric flat car, vegetable picking car and other equipment.


Scope of application

Suitable for driving permanent magnet synchronous servo motor, low voltage AC servo motor;

Applicable motor: 24V 1500W; 48V 3000W; 48V 4000W (with radiator); 60V 4500W (with radiator)

Continuous current 75A, peak current 160A (1s overcurrent stop);

DC working power + 24-60v ± 10%;

Speed mode, torque mode;

Conditions of use

(1) Power supply:

Rated working power supply: 24-60vdc;

Limit power supply range: 16-72vdc (back EMF discharge 68v, if power supply may exceed 68v, it is necessary to explain the change threshold in advance);

It can provide instantaneous current overload capacity of 2 times of continuous current;

(2) Feedback element:

Incremental encoder (conventional product)

Hall closed loop feedback

Magnetic Encoder

(3) Use environment:

Operating temperature: - 25 ~ 55 ℃ (subject to ambient temperature);

Storage temperature: - 35-65 ℃ (subject to ambient temperature);

Humidity: 5% - 90% RH, with condensation (25 ℃)

Protection grade: IP54;

Insulation performance: input to casing DC600V, leakage current 0.07ma. The insulation resistance is more than 20 m Ω.

Three prevention requirements: meet three prevention requirements (dustproof, moisture-proof and salt fog proof).

Vibration requirements: frequency 5Hz ~ 25Hz, amplitude 3mm, 0.09g. 25Hz ~ 200Hz, amplitude 1.47mm, 116g. 30min horizontally, vertically and longitudinally.

Cooling mode: natural cooling

Functional technical indicators

1. Main functions

Working mode: speed mode, torque mode;

Feedback components: incremental encoder (conventional products), hall closed-loop feedback, magnetic encoder;

Control port: RS232, can, RC (aircraft model signal), 0-5V analog voltage, single terminal analog voltage (potentiometer);

External start stop control;

Brake energy recovery function

Fault LED indication;

It can be controlled by CAN bus network, RS232 for parameter reading and monitoring;

Through RS232, the motor speed control and data reading are realized;

Drive internal temperature monitoring;

Overcurrent and overload protection;

Over voltage and under voltage protection;

Temperature protection;

Locked rotor and flying rotor protection;

Motor short circuit protection;

Reverse EMF discharge function (68v), switching power supply or transformer power supply needs to be explained in advance, and the discharge resistance needs to be replaced;

Note: it can be customized according to customers' requirements. For details, please consult customer service.


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