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Two way driver for 1500W crawler chassis

Two way driver for 1500W crawler chassis

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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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Double drive low voltage servo driver

Dual DC servo driver

24V 800W 48V 1500W Servo driver


Kydbl4875-2e is a high-power intelligent dual channel servo driver. The low-voltage servo driver can control two DC brushless servo motors at the same time. The internal uses 32-bit high-performance MCU and advanced motion processing algorithm to realize the internal electronic differential function. The controller uses the hall signal inside the motor as the rotor position feedback, and cooperates with the external incremental encoder (1000-2500 lines) signal to control the motor movement, so as to realize the speed open-loop, closed-loop mode, position mode and torque mode. Two independent driving chips, two encoder processing chips and two hall signal processing chips. At the same time, it has a variety of fault alarm functions.

There are two working modes: independent mode and mixed mode. Independent mode: the two-way motor can be completely controlled independently, and the control signal part is two-way input signal control. The speed and direction of the motor can be controlled by two DC BLDCM. Hybrid mode: it can realize synchronous control of two sets of BLDCM (forward, backward, left and right rotation). There are 8 kinds of control signals (wireless remote control, rocker, potentiometer, analog quantity, frequency, pulse width, RS232, can bus).


Product features:

◆ wide voltage input, 10-55v, max60v overvoltage protection.

◆ intelligent PID control ring,.

◆ working mode: speed open-loop, closed-loop control, torque control, position closed-loop control.

◆ external potentiometer, 0-5V analog quantity or pulse command control mode, RC (pulse width signal output by receiver of aircraft model remote control) control mode.

◆ safe forward & reverse control, four quadrant operation, support regeneration.

◆ enable control function.

◆ max current limit.

◆ 4 input ports, functions can be defined as analog input, pulse input or digital input.

◆ 6-channel digital output (MOS tube open drain) can be used as the controller fault alarm state output, and can also control the external relay to automatically cut off the power supply and other actions.

◆ over current, over temperature, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit and other abnormal conditions start protection function.

◆ LED status indication.

◆ for CAN bus communication, please refer to the detailed communication protocol when customers use it.

◆ for RS232 communication, please refer to the detailed serial port protocol when customers use it.

Performance index:

1. Power supply voltage: 10-55vdc.

2. The continuous working current is 40A at room temperature of 25 ℃, and the instantaneous current is up to 75A 30s.

3. Min speed: 10 RPM in speed closed-loop mode and 1 RPM in position mode.

4. Out + 5VDC power supply (can supply power to encoder): 5V DC 20mA.

5. Analog input range: 0-5vdc.

6. Pulse input range: 500hz-5000hz (corresponding to max speed)

[note] the Min pulse frequency will vary with the max speed setting.

7. Duty cycle input range 0% -- 100% (input frequency range f ≤ 1kHz, 250Hz is recommended).

8. Temperature protection status: when the controller is at 70 ℃, the overheat protection reduces the output, and when the controller is at 80 ℃, the output stops.

9. Working environment temperature: - 25 ℃ - + 60 ℃.

10. Environmental humidity: relative humidity ≤ 80rh.

11. Boundary dimension: L * w * H = 190mm * 130mm * 77mm

12. Weight: 800g

Note: it can be customized according to customers' requirements. For details, please consult customer service.


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