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200W explosive double way brush servo driver

200W explosive double way brush servo driver

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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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Double drive brush servo driver

Two way brush servo motor driver

24V 200W 48V 400W DC brush servo driver dual channel dual channel

Kyds2420-2e is an intelligent DC dual motor controller. The controller uses high-performance MCU, advanced motion control algorithm and external orthogonal encoder input to complete motor motion in open-loop, closed-loop speed and closed-loop position mode. It can be widely used in robot walking, small vehicle walking and other automatic operations.



Product features:

◆ two independent output stages.

◆ wide voltage input.

◆ intelligent PID control ring.

◆ multiple ways of working:

Double motor independent open-loop control, double motor independent closed-loop control

Dual motor hybrid open-loop control, dual motor hybrid closed-loop control (for tank type rotation).

◆ external potentiometer, 0-5vdc analog quantity, PWM, RC.

◆ safe forward & reverse control, four quadrant operation, support regeneration.

◆ emergency brake control function.

◆ 2-way MOS drain open circuit output is generally used as 24V1A output port (max load capacity is 40V 1a).

◆ max current limit.

◆ over current, over temperature, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit and other abnormal conditions start protection function.◆ LED indicator status indication, fault alarm.

◆ for RS232 communication, please refer to the detailed serial port protocol when customers use it.

◆ CANopen communication, please refer to the detailed serial port protocol when the customer uses it

Performance index:

1. Power supply voltage: 10-50VDC.

2. Double peak current 20A. Two way continuous working current 12a

3. Out + 5VDC power supply (can supply power to encoder): 5V DC 20mA.

4. Analog input range: 0-5vdc.

5. Frequency input range: 500hz-5000hz, voltage amplitude: upper limit of 5V pulse input corresponds to max speed of motor.

6. PWM pulse width input range: frequency 250hz-1khz, typical value: 250Hz

Duty cycle 0% - 100%. The voltage amplitude is 5V.

7. RC signal (a PWM signal: the signal output by the remote control receiver of the aircraft model)

8. Digital output interface: 2 channels, open drain, max load capacity of 40V 1A

9. 70 ℃ overheat protection, 80 ℃ stop output.

10. Working environment temperature: - 25 ℃ - + 60 ℃.

11. Environmental humidity: relative humidity ≤ 80rh.

12. Boundary dimension (including radiator): L * w * H = 90mm * 75mm * 35mm

13. Weight: About 250g.

Note: it can be customized according to customers' requirements. For details, please consult customer service.


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