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150W economical DC brush drive

150W economical DC brush drive

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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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DC motor governor

Dc24-48rt10bl product introduction

一、Product features:

The DC governor is a low-voltage four quadrant regenerative pulse width speed regulator, which is controlled by a special single-chip microcomputer. It has the advantages of fast response, stable operation, reliable operation and complete protection function.

◆ SMT technology, small volume

◆ pulse width modulation

Motor running noise, high efficiency, low maintenance, better improve the service life of DC motor.

◆ four quadrant regeneration operation mode

◆ regenerative braking function

No external reversing contactor is required, which will not cause overheating or burning of motor parts or components

◆ enabling / reversing terminal

One of the functions can be realized by a simple passive switch or transistor collector open circuit.

◆ status indicator

Power indication and over-current alarm indication can provide the visual state of the governor.

◆ output current setting function (limiting)

◆ torque compensation function

◆ double closed loop PI regulation (current, voltage)

◆ standard analog signal control

Analog quantity: 0-10V or potentiometer control

◆ wide input voltage range: 20-55v

2、 Performance index

1. PWM pulse width modulation

2. Speed ratio: 1:100

3. Control potentiometer: (1K 50K) /2W

4. Input voltage: 20-55v VDC

5. Output current: 0-20a (limiting)

6. Input impedance: ≥ 50K Ω

7. Speed (reference accuracy%): 1%

8. Start / brake time: 0.2-20 s

9. Ambient temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃

10. Ambient humidity: ≤ 80rh (no condensation) (relative humidity)

11. Insulation and withstand voltage: 1100V DC for 1 minute

12. Unique resistance: > 20 m Ω

13. Leakage current: ≤ 0.9 Ma

14. Suitable for rare earth, permanent magnet and other excited motors


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