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Scope of application of steering motor

2022-04-06 18:04:47

济南蓝玖电子科技有限公司位于素有”泉城”之称的魅力城市——济南市槐荫区,紧邻济南西站,交通便利。 转向电机适用范围 l适用电机:DC12V  50W; l连续电流10A,峰值电流15A;

l直流工作电源+7~18VDC; l速度模式,位置模式(CAN); Electric steering motor使用条件 (1)电源: l额定工作电源:12VDC; l供电范围:7--18VDC; l能提供连续电流2倍的瞬间电流过载能力; (2)反馈元件: l线性编码器; 应用于拖拉机自主驾驶,通讯方式支持:232、CAN 使用环境: l使用温度:-25~55℃(以环境温度为准);存储温度:-35~65℃(以环境温度为准); l湿度:5%--90%RH 、有凝露(25℃) l防护等级:IP55,正向淋雨; l绝缘性能:输入对机壳DC600V,漏电流0.07mA。绝缘电阻20MΩ以上。 l三防要求:满足三防要求(防尘、防潮、防盐雾)。 l振动要求:频率5HZ~25HZ,振幅3mm,0.09g。 25HZ~200HZ,振幅1.47mm,116g。水平、垂直、纵向每方向30min。 l冷却方式:自然冷却

Steering motor

Jinan Lanjiu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Huaiyin District, Jinan City, a charming city known as "Spring City", close to Jinan West Station, with convenient transportation.

Scope of application of steering motor

lApplicable motor: DC12V 50W;

lContinuous current 10A, maximum peak current 15A;

l DC working power supply +7 ~ 18VDC;

l Speed mode, position mode (CAN);

Electric steering motor conditions of use

(1) Power supply:

lRated working power supply: 12VDC;

lLimited power supply range: 7--18VDC;

l It can provide instantaneous current overload capability twice the continuous current;

(2) Feedback element:

l Linear encoder;

Applied to tractor autonomous driving, communication mode support: 232, CAN

Use environment:

l Operating temperature: -25 ~ 55 ℃ (subject to ambient temperature);

Storage temperature: -35~65℃ (subject to ambient temperature);

l Humidity: 5%--90%RH, with condensation (25℃)

lProtection level: IP55, positive rain;

lInsulation performance: input to the chassis DC600V, leakage current 0.07mA. Insulation resistance above 20MΩ.

lThree defense requirements: meet the three defense requirements (dust, moisture, salt spray).

lVibration requirements: frequency 5HZ~25HZ, amplitude 3mm, 0.09g. 25HZ~200HZ, amplitude 1.47mm, 116g. 30min in each direction of horizontal, vertical and vertical.

lCooling method: natural cooling


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