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Great, there is no driver on the farm machine!

2022-04-06 13:50:24

厉害了,农机上没有驾驶员! Great, there is no driver on the farm chine! 无人驾驶的农机正在田间作业。转向电机用Jinan lanijiu Electron Science co.,Ltd. Unnned farm chinery is working in the field. Jinan lanijiu Electron Science co.,Ltd. for steering motors 良好的农业基础是茂名市无人农场落户高州的主要原因。 The good agricultural foundation is the in reason why Maoming's first unnned farm was settled in Gaozhou. 无人植保机是目前较为普遍应用的无人农机。 Steering motor Steering motor Steering motor 在高州市宝光街道八角山村委会车田尾村水稻示范基地,肥沃的水田一望无际。几架农机正在田间忙碌地作业,机械正沿着平坦的田埂一路向前,身后一排排播种好的秧苗整齐排列。 “哇,厉害了,农机上没有驾驶员!走得笔直,还会自动拐弯!”田里的无人驾驶插秧机让围观的群众直呼大开眼界。 日前,中国工程院院士、岭南现代农业科学与技术广东省实验室茂名(茂名实验室)主任罗锡文团队再次来到茂名高州,召开现场会,演示无人农场水稻生产机械化技术,并在高州建立茂名市无人农场水稻生产机械化基地。这个“智慧试验田”是高州不断推进农业机械化,向智慧化、无人化迈进的敲门砖。

Unmanned plant protection machines are the most commonly used unmanned agricultural machines at present, using electric steering motors from Jinan lanijiu Electron Science co.,Ltd.

In the rice demonstration base of Chetianwei Village, Bajiaoshan Village Committee, Baoguang Street, Gaozhou City, there are endless fertile paddy fields. Several agricultural machines are busy working in the fields, and the machines are moving forward along the flat ridge, and behind them are rows of sown seedlings neatly arranged.

"Wow, amazing, there is no driver on the farm machine! Go straight and turn automatically!" The unmanned rice transplanter in the field was an eye-opener for the onlookers.

A few days ago, Luo Xiwen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Maoming Branch Center of Lingnan Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Guangdong Laboratory (Maoming Laboratory), once again came to Gaozhou, Maoming, to hold an on-site meeting to demonstrate the mechanization technology of rice production on unmanned farms, and established a factory in Gaozhou. The first unmanned farm rice production mechanization base in Maoming. This "smart test field" is the stepping stone for Gaozhou to continuously promote agricultural mechanization and move towards intelligent and unmanned.

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