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The importance of dual channel driver for intelligent robot control

2019-10-16 09:19:09

With the rapid development of intelligence, the control requirements of intelligent robot are higher and higher. The driving system of traditional dual drive and multi drive robot is composed of multiple single servo drivers and complex signal processing system, which not only occupies a large volume, has a high degree of engineering complexity, has a complex connection, and is difficult to develop programs. This is especially true for mechanical designers, electrical debugging personnel, especially It's a headache for program developers. Complicated logic algorithm makes program engineering very huge, and the effect is not ideal. It's not easy for multiple drivers to achieve synchronous cooperation to complete a series of specific actions. Therefore, the company's dual channel and multi-channel servo drivers effectively solve these problems. Dual channel brushless servo drivers The complex logic algorithm of PID regulator is integrated into the interior. Users only need to write simple control program according to their own actual needs to complete the operation of intelligent robot without worrying about the robot's non synchronization in the process of movement. At the same time, the company's logic central control board can be equipped to realize the four-wheel drive and multi drive control of robot, and the controller protection function It has complete communication modes such as RS232 and CANopen. For the enterprises that produce the whole crawler robot, users can use the Tiandi aircraft model remote control to realize the matching test of the brushless servo motor and servo driver.


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