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Autopilot steering wheel motor

Autopilot steering wheel motor

  • Classification:Agricultural machinery steering wheel motor
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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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The development of direct drive servo motor of agricultural machinery steering wheel is mainly based on precision agricultural machinery and driverless steering wheel. It is an effective way to realize the sustainable development of agriculture with high quality, high yield, low consumption and environmental protection. It can realize the fast, high efficiency, high precision and automatic operation on a large area of arable land, and can be used for multiple production such as land leveling, sowing, harvesting and pesticide spraying The production efficiency and land use efficiency have been greatly improved.

Key technologies and innovations:

a. Low moment of inertia and fast dynamic response;

b. The multi pole logarithm of rotor permanent magnet, the torque fluctuation coefficient of motor is small (> 3%);

c. Small volume (∅ 180 * 85, including the dimension of integrated controller);

d. The hollow shaft interface is convenient for quick connection and installation with the steering wheel of agricultural machinery;

Permanent magnet direct drive servo motor is a kind of special control motor, which is used as the executive component of high-precision servo system. It is suitable for low-speed, large torque, and very compact installation space. In fact, in many automatic control systems, the motion speed of the control object is relatively low, such as: the control system of ground search radar antenna; the stability system of gyro platform; the rotation system of single crystal furnace; the precision drawing system, etc. in these control systems, if the gear deceleration drive is adopted, the accuracy of the system will be greatly reduced, and the inertia and reaction of the system will be increased Time, increase transmission noise. If the direct drive system composed of direct drive motor is used, it can run smoothly at low speed in a wide range, greatly improving the accuracy of the system and reducing the noise of the system. There are also some load running at a very low speed, close to the locked rotor state, or load shaft end to add a certain amount of brake back torque, these occasions, are suitable for the use of direct drive servo motor.


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