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Disc motor high power brushless motor

Disc motor high power brushless motor

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  • Release date:2019-10-16 09:19:09
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1、 Overview:

Axial flux permanent magnet machine Afpmm) is also called disk permanent magnet motor. The air gap of axial field motor is plane type, and the air gap magnetic field is distributed along the axial direction. The stator structure of the motor is convenient for the cooling of the motor core and winding, and can obtain larger heat dissipation area. Because of its compact structure (short axial size), small volume, high efficiency, large power density, good speed regulation performance, small moment of inertia, high reliability and short magnetic field More and more attention has been paid to the advantages of steel circuit, which is widely used in new energy electric vehicles, engineering transportation vehicles, heavy-duty AGV, large industrial robot walking system, high-speed rail maintenance equipment and other fields.

2、 Product parameters:



4、 Installation size:

KY190BLS0202-15B-Model (2)





The structure of transverse field motor

The transverse field motor is the main field and the motor along the axis.

The disadvantage of the transverse magnetic field motor is that the magnetic tension between the stator and the rotor is very large, but it can be overcome by adopting the "sandwich" structure, that is, setting a rotor between two stators or a stator between two rotors.

The transverse field motor is different from the ordinary motor, its flux direction is transverse, the current carrying conductor is placed radially, and the stator and rotor core are disc structure.

The research shows that the transverse magnetic field motor has a large power / weight ratio, flat structure, and obvious advantages in specific occasions. Theoretically, each radial field motor has a corresponding transverse field motor, and the magnetic circuit and air gap value of the latter are more easily changed. Generally, it can have the following structures:


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